Catching the Podcasting Bug

So, I think I've caught the podcasting bug. It sounds like great exposure. It costs almost nothing. And it's fun to play with audio and the internet to boot!

There's just one problem. I'm crap at coming up with content (if you don't believe it, look at the last time I made a blog post), and no matter how good your production is, if you don't have compelling content, who's going to want to listen?

Luckily I've got a sports fanatic brother who just got done with an internship with a minor league baseball team, and is looking to scratch his way into a broadcasting career. So as of now, it's a sports show.

I know this site's audience covers a wide variety of professions and opinions, so I'd like to hear what you have to say. Do you want to get "on air" but have no technical knowledge? Are you like me, and have the know-how and gear to make it all happen, but starved for content?

Leave your comments below. Hopefully those folks with something to say can hook up with those of us who can help you say it.