Now Offering Light Kits Too

Flying into Augusta for a shoot?  Rent your light kits from Augusta Motion Picture Support.

Sound mixers aren't known for their expertise in lighting a set, and this one is no different.  On the other hand, I am often asked by out of town crews where to rent lighting and grip gear in Augusta.  If all you need is a small light package for interviews, why not eliminate one stop on your way into town?  I can bring your lights to set with me.

I'm adding two Kino Flo kits and three LED fresnels to my support company's rental inventory.  As of right now, the grip gear is admittedly pretty sparse, consisting of a couple C stands, sand bags, and white cards.  If you need something else, just ask.  I'll be building up the grip and lighting selection as I see what people ask for consistently.

If you need a full lighting and grip package, I'll be glad to refer you to a few gaffers I trust.